An Osseous Remain on the Face of the Turin Shroud
G. Lucotte, T. Thomasset

Turin Shroud is a well-known Christ relic on which a body image is imprinted. We had access to a sticky-tape that was applied directly to one blood spot of the Face. This sticky-tape contains very numerous microscopic particles, that were studied by optical microscopy and SEM-EDX analysis. One of these particles, named e58, is a bone/cartilage remain; it was intensively studied for its aspect, colour, thickness, surface morphology and ultrastructure, and for its organic and mineral compositions. Presence of such an osseous remain on the Face adds new substantial material (other than red blood cells, skin debris and one hair, already published) to the knowledge of the Man whose body is imprinted on the Turin Shroud.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaa.v5n1a3