Synthetic Stratigraphic Test of Paleolithic Industries in Turkey
Iraz Aslı Yaman

So far, many settlement areas of the Paleolithic Age have been discovered in Turkey. While absolute dating results were obtained for some of the settlement areas in question as a result of detailed studies, these could not be obtained for some others. The most significant defect of Turkey in terms of the Paleolithic Age is that it failed to create a chronological table for this Age so far. Although there are small-scale, independent experiments, there is not any detailed table showing the whole Paleolithic chronology. Starting from this, it is very important to place the Paleolithic sites in Turkey into a chronology table. In this study, it was attempted to create an synthetic stratigraphic model considering not only periodically but also the chipped stone tool culture. This chronological table created in sequences following one another, which can occur in any excavation area, provides us the general Paleolithic image of Turkey.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaa.v4n2a2