Archaeoacoustic Analysis of Tarxien Temples in Malta
Paolo Debertolis, Nina Ear, Maja Zivic

The Tarxien Temples in Malta were analysed from an archaeoacoustic point of view. As there is no roof present, it was not possible to find the resonance properties of the various chambers. This investigation however, discovered an interesting low vibration originating from below the ground. The most likely explanation of its origin is due to the movement of underground water through geological faults. This vibration appears to be transmitted through the megaliths, some of which have concavities or carved holes. Previous archaeological interpretation, has suggested these were likely to have been used to support the foundations of some sort of barrier or door, but without any supporting evidence. Using archaeoacoustic methods a new interpretation of these architectonic particularities is put forward, acting as some type of forerunner to speakers.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaa.v4n1a2