Advertising American Values and Way of Life: Public Diplomacy and American Companies’ Ads in China
Su Jiangli (???)

In an information age, soft power and smart power coined by Joseph Nye has captured the imagination of academics and politicians around the world. He distinguishes between soft power as a guiding principle and public diplomacy as an executive practice when he combines soft power with Mark Leonard’s three principal dimensions of public diplomacy: daily communication, strategic communication and building lasting relationship. Nye views American culture values as an element of soft power and he thinks American companies play an important part in boosting the country’s soft power. Advertisements have long been the main weapon for American companies to attract other countries’ consumers and advertise American culture values and way of life. By analyzing American movie trailers, car ads and commercials of fast food chains, this essay wants to present how American companies exert their influence in the field of public diplomacy and transform abstract soft power of culture values and way of life into tangible and visible forces.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaa.v3n2a3