Beyond Leroi-Gourhan's Style IV: portable art at La Peña de Estebanvela Rock-shelter (Segovia, Spain)
Marcos García-Diez, Carmen Cacho Quesada

At La Peña de Estebanvela, 43 portable art objects have been found in late Upper Palaeolithic levels. Most of the ensemble displays linear patterns forming complex signs. Three equids have also been identified. The decorative motifs at this site are presented and assessed in the context of the art of the last hunter-gatherer groups, demonstrating the existence of art in the last moments of the Palaeolithic (12 000 and 9500-9000 BP), after the time when Palaeolithic art is traditionally thought to have disappeared, at the end of the Magdalenian. A review at a European scale shows the existence of a common symbolism in the last stages of hunter-gatherer societies, which reflects social links.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaa.v3n1a2