Оn Human Cognition of the World
Olkhovsky Vladislav Sergeyevich

In the introduction, called as “Is the world perceived? What is the truth (absolute and relative)”, there is briefly considered the question about the cognition of the world and three possible replies on it. Then there is briefly considered the relation of the Christianity to these problems. Further in the main part of the paper there are three known replies on the question “What makes our mind to be able to cognize the Universe?” - 1) Biblical point of view [the creation by the rational (more exactly, super-rational) God]; 2) The atheistic (materialistic, naturalistic) point of view [the “creation” by the irrational randomness]; 3) The point of view of cosmic humanism of “New Era” [the universe as a conscience, as the creation of our mind]. Their analysis is given. Then there are given the methods of the test of the knowledge truth and together there are presented the notions of view-world, philosophy and religion. Further the methods of the test of knowledges are given. And at last it is said on the notion of the Truth in the Christianity.

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