The Politics of Livestock Marketing Among Pastoralist Communities in Kenya: A Case study of the East Pokot pastoralists and the Kimalel Culture Fair and Goat Auction in Marigat,Baringo County of North Western Kenya
Beneah M. Mutsotso, David M. Kimaiyo, Perpetua Gaciuki

The drive to get pastoralists to destock as a way of rejuvenating the degraded environment has been part of the Kenya government planning for long but with very little or no success. Similarly pastoralists were overly opposed to it since to them what matters was the number of livestock (especially cattle) owned but not the quality. This paper discusses the Kenya Government interaction with the East Pokot pastoralists in the context of overstocking and attempts to market “excess” livestock as well as the East Pokots’ obsession with cattle that is key to decision making. Finally the paper presents the dynamics, challenges and uniqueness associated with the annual Kimalel Goat Auction as a case study of East Pokot pastoralists marketing of livestock, but cattle still remains out of the picture.

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